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Why PPC Advertising

  • Pay only for purchasing intent vs facebook brand awareness.

  • Budget Control: Set Budget according to businesses needs.

  • Target ads: With PPC, you can exactly choose the space where you want your ads to get displayed.

  • Traffic: Immediate traffic to your site to drive sales.

  • Quick results: Organic results are for the long term, you can check out our seo audit here. But for quick results and sales ppc is preferred.

  • Higher ROI: By displaying your ads in the most relevant online places, your ads are displayed to the most specific target market.

  • Apply Geo-Targeting And Ad Scheduling: Geo-Targeting is an important element of your PPC advertising platform because it will help you exclude those users who are outside of your target location that you do not want to bid on.

  • PPC Services Benefits Your SEO Strategy: By using PPC as a component of your online marketing channels, you can improve the overall ranking of your site.

The Sky's The Limit

Laser-focused ads that deliver

Target those in buying mode and you’ll receive a massive spike in sales. The power of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising drives sales if done right. Every click comes at a price, optimising the number of clicks that turn into sales is crucial. We fine tune for profit and performance, adjusting bids so you spend less and earn more. We craft laser-target campaigns that focused on those ready to buy.

Our team will work closely with you to implement a pay per click advertising strategy that identifies where your most valuabe customers are searching or browsing online and ensure your product and unique proposition is clicked.

Expert Strategy

Target the right customers, at the right time, on the right platform with a Hypehire planned and researched PPC campaign.

Daily managed

Hypehire weed out non-performing keywords, improve your quality score, reduce your cost per click and raise your revenue. It’s often the case with PPC campaigns, that once an ad gets switched on, it’s left to fend for itself. But if you simply ‘set and forget’, you’re not getting the most out of what PPC has to offer. We continue to monitor, analyse and adjust your campaign to get results.


Know exactly what’s working for you. Measure the bottom-line performance of every paid search campaign. AdWords and other platforms collate stats such as number of impressions, number of clicks and any resulting post-click activity on your site. We compile all this data into custom reports, so you know exactly what’s going on.


Marketing that skyrockets revenue, not just rankings.

PPC stands for pay-per-click, a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Essentially, it’s a way of buying visits to your site, rather than attempting to “earn” those visits organically.

You’re trusting your agency to get results for your business. And let’s be honest, you’re going to have to produce those results. When the CEO comes calling, you want to show that the campaign has achieved a strong ROI.

A lack of transparency means that you have no idea about the result. We give you full access to your own AdWords campaigns, so you can see the raw data. 

You can trust our reporting to be consistent  We provide information on leads, sales, and other important matters. It’s important to know your CPC, your CPA, and everything in between. Which is why we are 100% transparent with you.

Every PPC specialist does keyword research.

But it’s the quality of that research that really matters. Anyone could find a million keywords for your ads. But if none of them lead to conversions, then what’s the point? So, what are you looking for? The right PPC partner should provide an extensive list of keywords as standard. But you’re looking for more than that.

At Hypehire, we take a lot into consideration. These include broad & exact match, negative keywords, as well as short and long-tail keywords. 

Curious about how we do things? Give us a call! 

But do you need an agency? What’s the return on investing in SEO services? There are pros and cons to everything. The great thing about agencies is that they should offer access to instant expertise. This means they can get to work straight away to start producing results. You don’t get that from doing it in-house. You have to learn everything from scratch, which times time and money. 

The drawback is that a digital marketing agency isn’t familiar with your business. They don’t know the ins and outs of your industry.

But here’s what separates the search engine marketing agencies apart.

Great agencies take the time to learn everything that they can about you. Then, they use this information to create great strategies. We take all of the work out of your hands. With Hypehire, your SEO will generate more revenue and provide better returns.

PPC Management Services

100% transparency, no excuses, and no dodgy practices. Maximise value from your paid search with custom campaigns that leverage the ideal platforms for your business.

Google Adwords

Stop wasting money on non-converting clicks and get more sales. Make the world’s #1 search engine work harder and smarter for you.

Bing Ads

Compete where your competition doesn’t. High performance Bing Ads allow you to spend less and convert more

google my business

Google Shopping

Get ahead of the competition. Showcase your products to thousands of motivated customers. They’ll shop till YOU drop, so stay at the top.


Stay front of mind with audiences most likely to buy and convert formerly ‘lost leads’ into customers through hyper-targeted remarketing

Jacob Edwards

Co-Director | SEO specialist

Why HypeHire

A lot of digital marketing agencies talk the talk, but we’re more interested in getting stuff done. Our focus is on high performance campaigns with results you can see for yourself, boosting your bottom line and helping your business achieve insane success. That’s it. No filler, all killer.

We Deliver Results

We outline the strategic goals and financial results we aim for in real terms, then we go and get them.

Trust builds Succesfull Relationships

If you’re trusting us to be apart of your vision, you should know exactly how your funds are used to grow. There’s no trust without transparency, which is why we keep in contact and provide detailed reports on performance stats, targets acheived and more.

Marketing Experience

All of our team have undergone extensive training to have an all star squad that delivers results. We are up to date with Ahrefs, Google changes, SEMrush and more.

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